Reduce Unplanned Downtime with Predictive Analytics & Augmented Reality

In manufacturing, unplanned downtime leads to billions of dollars lost each year. But with data coming from connected industrial assets, downtime can be minimized.  IoT data provides predictive analytics that keep critical assets up and running.  Additionally, Augmented Reality is transforming the way products can be serviced by enabling a technician to visualize IoT data in real-time and understand the current operating conditions of an asset along with any alerts and repairs that may be necessary.  Learn how National Instruments, ThingWorx, RealWear and OSIsoft are working together to reduce unplanned downtime in critical assets.


  • Manish Yashvant, Director of IoT Strategic Alliances, PTC
  • Ian Fountain, Director of Marketing, National Instruments
  • Sanjay Jhwar, Co-Founder & President, RealWear
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