ThingWorx Utilities
ThingWorx Utilities are capabilities built into IoT applications that enable business users to easily and effectively manage the performance of connected products.
Simple Management for Connected Things

Innovative IoT developers create the connected devices and IoT applications in our smart, connected world. But when it comes to the day-to-day management, business analysts and business users must be able to define, monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of their “things.”

Developers need tools and capabilities that will enable them to customize IoT applications to meet the needs of specific initiatives—tools that can be easily employed by business analysts and line-of-business users for connected product management without requiring developer skills or interventions.

ThingWorx Utilities

ThingWorx Utilities are feature-rich tools and mash-ups that enable and support the rapid deployment and adoption of powerful IoT applications.


Identify the needs of IoT initiatives and how to build applications to meet those requirements.


Remotely access, interact with, and control connected devices.


Create, edit, and execute business processes related to connected devices.


Integrate IoT applications and information with existing business systems.

How it Works

ThingWorx Utilities provide device management capabilities easily used by business analysts and line-of-business users for day-to- day management of connected devices, without the need for developer skills.

IoT Capabilities for Device Management
  • Out-of-the-box, pre-defined capabilities to manage and optimize the performance of connected products and assets.
  • Includes utilities to provision, remotely monitor, and update connected products and assets.
IoT Process Workflow
  • An environment for non-developers to create, edit, and manage business processes related to connected devices.
  • Processes can be created to execute across multiple systems, initiated based on alerts and triggers, and driven by decision support rules.
IoT Integration
  • Connects business processes and people with systems to share common and consistent IoT information across the enterprise.
  • Provides a standard framework for creating and implementing pre-built and reusable connectors and integrating existing business systems with new IoT applications.
What Sets ThingWorx Utilities Apart?

ThingWorx Utilities offers the most comprehensive set of tools for business users to define, monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of their connected products.

Device Management
  • Provisioning and asset management
  • Alert management
  • Remote access and control
  • Software content management
Process Workflow
  • Drag and drop interface to create business processes.
  • Ready visibility into progress and status of processes.
Integration Hub

The ThingWorx Integration Hub makes real-time connected product data available to existing business systems and processes, without needing to rip and replace them. It provides a standard framework for rapidly creating integrations that are reusable across deployments and speeds IoT solution development.

  • Operations Management
  • Process Monitoring
  • Executions Systems
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Supply Chain, Logistics
Customer Service
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Service Desk
  • Field Service Management
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Marketing Automation
Product Development
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Product Life-cycle Management
  • Accounting
  • Billing
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