ThingWorx Studio Pilot Program
Vuforia Studio Enterprise is now ThingWorx Studio!

PTC has made the strategic decision to relaunch Vuforia Studio as part of the ThingWorx IoT Platform under a new name- ThingWorx Studio. ThingWorx Studio combines the power of industry-leading IoT and AR technology together in one platform specifically designed for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). What does this mean for you? Your organization will be able to author and deliver AR experiences for connected products while helping to create innovative user experiences that improve service, customer experiences, operations and the engineering & manufacturing of products- faster than ever before.

Turnkey Authoring and Publishing for AR in 3 Simple Steps

ThingWorx Studio allows AR experiences to be authored from existing 3D assets, as well 2D and 3D controls. To define where AR experiences should appear in the real world, content creators associate a ThingMark with an experience. A ThingMark is a unique image that is placed on a physical object then recognized to launch the experience.


After authoring an experience, publish it to the Experience Service. Any number of experiences can be published to the cloud, providing a scalable solution for enterprise deployments.


Get ThingWorx Viewfrom the App Store or Google Play Store, and point it at a ThingMark. You’ll then be prompted to select from any associated experiences. Select the one you want to download and launch it!

ThingWorx Studio Pilot Program
Obtain a first mover advantage with the four month ThingWorx Studio Pilot Program and begin generating AR content for your organization.
  • Unlimited installations of ThingWorx Studio
  • Unlimited publishing of AR experiences for internal testing and validation only
  • Unlimited downloads of ThingWorx View
  • 1 PTC hosted instance of the Experience Service
  • 100 ThingMarks
  • 5 Creo® Illustrate™ user licenses (site specific)
  • 5 ThingWorx® IoT licenses (site specific)
  • 1 ThingWorx IoT Hosted Server Instance
  • 100 unique ThingWorx assets
  • Access to online ThingWorx Studio getting started tutorials and videos
  • Forums community support (monitored by PTC Community Advocate)
Request Access to the Pilot Program

ThingWorx Studio is a powerful solution from PTC for building and publishing AR experiences in the enterprise. Designed for content creators, ThingWorx Studio does not require programming skills. Content creators can build experiences in just minutes, and can take advantage of existing 3D assets created with leading CAD tools. Additionally, ThingWorx Studio harnesses the power of the industry-leading ThingWorx IoT platform to deliver intuitive AR experiences for connected products. Read the ThingWorx Studio data sheet and the Pilot Program overview for more details.