ThingWorx Studio
ThingWorx Studio transforms applications into immersive experiences that enable users to better create, service, and operate products in the smart, connected world through augmented reality.
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The Solution

Augmented reality (AR) is changing the landscape for enterprise and developers of IoT solutions. Instead of stand-alone, limited applications, augmented reality can be used to create a dynamic user experience through one powerful tool.

Augmented reality presents unique opportunities for rapid scale and adoption in the enterprise. By incorporating augmented reality into their IoT strategy, enterprises can improve service, customer experiences, operations, and the engineering and manufacturing of products.

What's New in ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio supports Apple’s ARKit, available in iOS11, for fast, high-quality motion tracking in AR experiences. With support for Apple’s ARKit, ThingWorx Studio now enables content creators to leverage the camera processors and motion sensors in iOS devices to create highly-immersive, spatial AR interactions.

Download the View app to explore experiences created with ThingWorx Studio featuring ARKit.


Explore the Possibilities

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Why ThingWorx Studio?

This game-changing technology provides the fastest solution for creating scalable AR experiences available today. With ThingWorx Studio content creators can:

Improve time to revenue

ThingWorx Studio features an intuitive drag and drop environment to rapidly build compelling 3D AR experiences without needing to write any code.

Reduce costs and complexity

Cost-effectively create scalable AR experiences, leveraging existing 3D
CAD and IoT data. Easily create MR experiences for Microsoft HoloLens.

Provide enterprise scalability

View & interact with things through augmented reality experiences on smart devices across the enterprise on the single universal ThingWorx View app.

“There is nothing like ThingWorx Studio from any other software vendor. With ThingWorx Studio, Microsoft HoloLens customers can get to production incredibly fast.”

— Kevin Collins, Microsoft