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ThingWorx Studio transforms applications into immersive experiences that enable users to better create, service, and operate products in the smart, connected world through augmented reality.
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Challenges of the Growing IoT

The explosion of IoT is expected to yield 30 billion connected devices by 2020 (McKinsey, 2015) each accompanied by a purpose-built application to monitor and control it.

However, innovative enterprises and developers are looking for solutions that:

Improve manageability
Create more compelling user experiences
Better contextualize information from smart, connected devices
The Solution

Augmented reality (AR) is changing the landscape for enterprise and developers of IoT solutions. Instead of stand-alone, limited applications, augmented reality can be used to create a dynamic user experience through one powerful tool.

Augmented reality presents unique opportunities for rapid scale and adoption in the enterprise. By incorporating augmented reality into their IoT strategy, enterprises can improve service, customer experiences, operations, and the engineering and manufacturing of products.

Meet ThingWorx Studio

ThingWorx Studio is a powerful solution for building and publishing AR experiences in the enterprise. Designed for content creators, ThingWorx Studio does not require programming skills. Content creators can build experiences in just minutes, and can take advantage of existing 3D assets created with leading CAD tools. As part of the industry-leading ThingWorx® IoT platform, it delivers intuitive AR experiences for connected products.

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How It Works

ThingWorx Studio democratizes the IoT Industry by providing turnkey authoring and publishing for AR.

ThingWorx Studio

Author an AR experience from existing 3D assets as well as 2D & 3D Controls

ThingWorx View

Download from the App StoreGoogle Play, or Microsoft Store point at ThingMark and be immersed in the associated experience


Unique image placed on a physical object then recognized to launch the experience

Why ThingWorx Studio?

This game-changing technology helps users in various settings to better create, service, and operate products in the smart, connected world. Examples include:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Reduce time-to-competency by providing workers with visual step-by-step instructions created with the industry leading Creo® Illustrate™ solution. Build animated sequences designed to make work easier and faster.

Smart Connected Products

Create virtual user interfaces on machinery and other connected products that provide a real time view of data enabled by the ThingWorx® IoT platform.


Visualize your existing 3D data in the real world to enhance design reviews, expedite the learning process, and improve safety.

Explore the Possibilities

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