ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity
ThingWorx connects disparate devices and applications, providing a single source for all industrial automation data in IoT solutions.
Welcome to the Industrial IoT
The Industrial Internet of Things leverages existing technologies in industrial settings – including machine-to-machine communication and automation technologies – and incorporates newer big data and machine learning technologies to enable smart, connected machines.
Smart, connected products

Smart, connected machines consistently and accurately capture, communicate, and interpret data. Reliable collection and reporting of data enables companies to detect and identify inefficiencies or problems in operations earlier. With improved insight, companies are better able to improve processes, increase productivity, and maintain a competitive edge.

Interoperability between devices and machines is the biggest challenge facing the Industrial IoT – but is the key to implementing and realizing the value of Industrial IoT deployments. Connectivity issues will only be solved with technology that can enable secure, reliable delivery of data across the public domain at a large scale.

Market-Leading Industrial Connectivity

Take advantage of the most complete solution for device-to-cloud interoperability; KEPServerEX provides a single source of industrial automation data to multiple applications. Users connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface.

KEPServerEX offers two options for interoperability with the ThingWorx IoT Platform through the use of the ThingWorx AlwaysOn™ protocol:

  • The IoT Gateway advanced plug-in features a ThingWorx agent that enables real-time, read-only communication with the ThingWorx IoT Platform. It allows users to model industrial things within the ThingWorx IoT Platform.
  • The ThingWorx native client interface enables real-time, bi-directional communication with the ThingWorx IoT Platform. When used with the KEPServerEX Extension, users gain access to a wide range of services and can connect to KEPServerEX with minimal setup and collect, exchange, or aggregate data of interest for use in ThingWorx applications.

We are continually evolving to support platform independence and new methods of data access. These capabilities are essential to enabling improved operational efficiency through applications like preventative maintenance, energy monitoring, product lifecycle insights, and global production tracking.

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