ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity
ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity Powered by Kepware® connects disparate devices and applications, providing a single source of industrial automation data to the ThingWorx platform.
Welcome to the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

The industrial IoT is the convergence of existing industrial automation technologies (such as machine-to-machine communications) and next generation Big Data and machine-learning technologies. Focused on connecting hardware and software components on the plant floor to enterprise business systems, the industrial IoT delivers real-time industrial data to Cloud and on-premises solutions. It provides improved operational efficiency through advanced analytics, condition-based monitoring, predictive maintenance, machine learning, and more—increasing process efficiency, improving productivity, and enabling more informed decision-making across the enterprise.

Interoperability is the biggest challenge facing smart manufacturing and the industrial IoT—a challenge that can only be overcome with technology built to securely and reliably deliver data at a large scale.

Meet ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity
ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity provides the most complete device-to-IoT-application solution. Leveraging Kepware’s extensive driver portfolio, ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity enables communication with thousands of devices via proprietary and open protocols, and with software applications via OPC and IT-centric protocols. Users connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface.

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity offers two options for interoperability with the ThingWorx IoT Platform:

  • The ThingWorx native client interface provides real-time, bi-directional industrial controls data to the ThingWorx IoT Platform via the ThingWorx AlwaysOn™ protocol. Users can quickly and easily connect ThingWorx-developed applications to ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity. ThingWorx services enable users to browse, read, write, and interact with ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity, and includes intuitive tools that simplify the modeling of industrial things.
  • The IoT Gateway advanced plug-in provides real-time, read-only communication with the ThingWorx IoT Platform. Utilizing the ThingWorx AlwaysOn protocol, the IoT Gateway’s ThingWorx Agent allows users to model industrial things within the ThingWorx IoT Platform.

How it Works

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity seamlessly connects Operations and IT through a user-friendly and highly performant interface. It provides enhanced data visibility for real-time business intelligence across the enterprise.

Reliable Accessibility for Real-time Visibility
  • Leverages OPC and IT-centric communication protocols (including AlwaysOn) to provide real-time visibility across the enterprise.
  • Enables insights into the operations and conditions of industrial devices and systems in today’s smart factory, and supports IoT protocols (such as REST and MQTT).
  • Enhanced messaging security via SSL and TLS provides secure, authenticated, and encrypted communications across network topologies.
Seamless Data Aggregation for Ease of Use
  • Seamlessly connects thousands of data sources and provides information to ThingWorx applications through a centralized configuration.
  • Integrates data into one solution for discrete connectivity, eliminating the need to purchase, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain multiple disparate solutions.
  • Flexible, single-server format can combine drivers and consume multiple protocols.
Robust Connectivity for Unmatched Interoperability
  • Enables connectivity to the broadest range of Industrial Automation devices on the market, including modern and legacy machines.
  • Supports a variety of wired and wireless network mediums in addition to databases, custom software applications, and other OPC servers.
  • Integrated security tools enable users to assign access permissions based on user role, creating flexibility to meet unique site security requirements.
What Sets ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity Apart?

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity aggregates real-time plant floor data into one user-friendly, accessible, and secure platform—enabling industrial companies of all kinds to improve processes, increase productivity, and make more informed decisions across the enterprise. This IoT-ready, secure, and user-friendly platform overcomes the interoperability challenges of today’s smart manufacturing—and prepares you for the technology of tomorrow.

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Visit the Developer Portal to download a free two-hour demo of ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity.

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