Smart Energy

ThingWorx provides an IoT platform that dramatically reduces the cost to develop, test, and deploy each of the interconnected networks in the ultimate smart energy grid.

Since the creation of public power energy companies have been helping drive success in economic development and growth for the world. As energy needs have grown, so too have the challenges, including: aging infrastructures, complex and interdependent systems, increasing regulatory controls and higher consumer expectations.

Fortunately, energy organizations can meet challenges with new advances in technology including innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that securely leverage sensors, meters and digital controls, and analytics to better monitor and manage the flow of energy and information to help enable a smart grid and smarter energy usage. With these new solutions energy organizations can optimize grid performance, ensure uptime of assets, reduce costs and outages, and enable businesses and consumers to better manage their own energy usage to meet their individual needs.

smart-energy-iot-platform-thingworx-dashboardStrategic IoT Solutions for Smart Energy

ThingWorx provides a high level platform that dramatically reduces the cost to develop, test and deploy each of the interconnected networks in the ultimate smart grid. Whether it is managing energy across a smart building, home, factory or the smart grid, ThingWorx simplifies connectivity, business rule automation, user interface development, and network integration, while providing a data collection framework that allows connected intelligence to be applied to gain unparalleled insight into the operation of these emerging technologies.

Benefits of the ThingWorx IoT Platform for Smart Energy

  • Easily collect and manage data from people, sensors, connected assets and existing enterprise systems and external system information to expedite data gathering, reporting, and regulatory compliance.
  • Quickly build and bring to market new innovative IoT applications at 10 times the speed of other approaches with our rapid application development environment and drag and drop mashup builder.
  • Utilize big data and analytics to provide new insights and recommendations to drive better decisions, and enable cost reductions, energy savings and predictive maintenance
  • Provide operators and managers role based access to easily visualize data across relevant network and receive alert notifications to enable quick actions, such as to improve response to demand spikes
  • Leverage the ThingWorx Marketplace and partner ecosystem to market and sell your IoT smart energy solutions and services.