The Smartest Cities are Built on Smart Foundations
With ThingWorx and our partner ecosystem, you can rapidly build and deploy IoT applications and city-wide platforms.
Smart City Opportunity

The IoT is estimated to have a $1.7T annual economic impact in cities by 2025. What are you doing to capitalize on this opportunity? With the power of IoT, you can help cities:

  • Improve infrastructure and make existing infrastructure more scalable
  • Create more efficient and cost effective municipal city services
  • Enhance public transportation, reduce traffic congestion, and improve quality of life
  • Keep citizens safe and engaged in their community
  • Foster higher education and local technology and job opportunity
  • Enable sustainable economic growth

In a new Technology Spotlight from IDC, read about the importance of Smart City platforms as a key mechanism to integrate smart technologies, enable the rapid delivery of new applications, and create a connected Smart City ecosystem.

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Build Smart City Solutions with an Industrial IoT Platform

ThingWorx is a purpose-built industrial IoT platform designed to reduce the time, cost, and risk associated with creating IoT solutions for today’s connected world. The value of the ThingWorx platform has been tested and proven in pre-eminent cities across the world and by hundreds of market-leading companies, managing millions of connected devices, systems and people.

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Partner with ThingWorx

Become part of the ThingWorx Partner Ecosystem and immediately begin building robust industrial IoT solutions for Smart Cities. With the ThingWorx platform, you can provide any and all of the following solutions on a single technology infrastructure:

  1. Out-of-the-box Smart City Solutions – Cities deploy a “Powered by ThingWorx” solution from a ThingWorx Solution Provider
  2. Custom Industrial IoT Solutions that Deliver Transformative Value – Service Providers and System Integrators use ThingWorx to rapidly build industrial IoT solutions that break down silos and meet unique needs of city
  3. City Open Innovation – Combine city open data with the ThingWorx environment to enable city incubators, small and medium enterprises and universities to quickly create innovative industrial IoT apps

With the resources available in the ThingWorx Partner Ecosystem, you can quickly and easily deliver powerful, secure, and innovative industrial IoT solutions. You can also engage with existing ThingWorx Smart City application providers that have already built solutions on the platform, leverage the ThingWorx Marketplace to market and sell your solutions and services, and identify System Integrators and Network Providers to see how you can build industrial IoT solutions together.

Successful Smart City Solutions Built with ThingWorx
  • Watch how Vodafone uses the ThingWorx industrial IoT platform to quickly and easily build customized, scalable Smart City solutions.
  • Discover how ThingWorx partner, DeviceLynk is enabling their customers with the ability to remotely monitor buildings and other city infrastructure, creating operational efficiencies and new innovative solutions.
  • Learn how DvM Technology Inc. is enabling cities with smart meters and electrical energy production data to increase efficiency and energy quality.
  • Hear how Fybr is learning how to solve IoT and parking challenges with a robust technology stack.
  • See how DEPsys is leveraging the IoT to monitor and solve problems for utilities and energy stakeholders.
  • Read upcoming and past blog posts for industry trends and insight into how partners and customers are benefiting from smart city strategies.