Smart, Connected Systems

The technology revolution of the IoT is changing the way businesses and cities operate. Put simply, smart, connected systems link data inputs to people, processes, and knowledge. Across sectors, the robust combination of sensors, real-time connectivity, and data acquisition and management drives collective awareness leading to better decision-making. Application areas include:

Business Implications of Smart, Connected Systems

Accurate and effective data gathering, reporting, and regulatory compliance require a secure and scalable IoT infrastructure that integrates multiple systems.

  • Businesses and municipalities can implement countless initiatives using insights derived from data to improve the flow of public transportation, increase access to services and care, enhancing the safety and comfort of residents, optimize grid performance, and promote sustainable farming.
  • Vertical solution providers, software vendors, and system integrators can leverage their industry expertise and the ThingWorx IoT Platform to rapidly create and bring to market new IoT applications that connect, manage, and optimize a complex set of disparate sensors, devices, people and software solutions into a “system of systems.”

To be successful in the evolution from simple smart systems to the adoption of more complex smart connected systems, companies and municipalities must re-examine their models. Harbor Research offers a rationale and framework for adapting your business and defining a new model in this new world of smart, connected systems.

 A Platform to Develop Smart, Connected Systems

ThingWorx Foundation enables solution providers to:

  • Reduce solution development cost
  • Deliver smart, connected systems to market faster
  • Reduce risk and address scalability, security, and standardization requirements