Predictive Weather Application

Display Weather Data Gathered from Yahoo Weather and Open Weather

Step-by-step instructions on how to use a mashup that displays temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, sunset and sunrise data gathered from the Yahoo Weather site and the Open Weather site for any city. The mashup also displays temperature and humidity data coming from a sensor connected to a RaspberryPi microprocessor. The purpose of this mashup is to enable users to compare actual and predicted weather taken from a web service and compare to the temperature and humidity collected from a sensor at the site. An analysis of the data might determine a better response, such as when to turn on a fan or when to turn off the heat.

Academic Program: Predictive Weather App Instructions (.PDF)

Part One: How to Connect to Yahoo Weather – Instructions (.PDF)


Part Two: How to Connect to Open Weather, Create a Value Stream & Export Data – Instructions (.PDF)


Part Three: How to Integrate to Raspberry Pi Temperature and Humidity Application – Instructions (.PDF)