Android Smartphones and Thingworx

Collect and Display Data from Your Phone Sensors

In this tutorial you will use the sensors on your Android phone, send data to your ThingWorx hosted instance and then display the data in a pre-built ThingWorx Mashup. The purpose of this project is to let you quickly connect a sensor or set of sensors to a ThingWorx Mash Up and then display that data. This project also removes the need to deal will electronics or programming. Later you can make modifications such as adding additional sensors, modifying the mash up, creating an alert or using the phone and its sensors to make something smart and connected. Tutorial Instructions  (.PDF)

Getting Started with Android Smartphones Project Files:

  • This archive contains an Android Studio project that reads data about your Phone’s Type, IMEI, GPS Location, CPU Usage, Accelerometer data (whether the phone was shaken or not), Available RAM and Total RAM to your ThingWorx hosted instance and sends them to a Thingworx Server using REST calls. Download Project Files (.RAR)
  • This archive contains an xml file that once imported in the ThingWorx Composer will give you access to the pre-built mashup. Download Entities File (.ZIP)
  • This archive contains the .apk file that you need to install on your phone. Download APK Files (.ZIP)