Turn IoT insight into Customer Loyalty.

OnFarm needed to move quickly to capitalize on a significant “smart agriculture” opportunity to build connected applications and dashboards that captured and monitored sensors in the field and provided actionable data back to their customers.

5 Reasons to Choose a Purpose-Built IoT Platform

Learn how an IoT platform helps you streamline your IoT solution creation from connectivity, to analytics, management, security, visualization, and more

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Learn high-level concepts, components, and development patterns to kickstart the development of an IoT solution. Authors Joe Biron of ThingWorx and Jonathan Follett of O’Reilly Media take you through the technology and architecture approaches required to make any IoT project a success.

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Creating smart, connected products requires a thoughtful and thorough consideration of securing those products and the network they run on. Read this whitepaper to learn how the ThingWorx IoT Platform enables secure communications from the device to the cloud and out to the end user application.

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Build IoT apps 10x faster using capabilities to define, monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of connected products.

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