Vuforia’s Jay Wright on Pokemon Go and Enterprise AR

August 9, 2016

Jay Wright, president of PTC’s Vuforia business, recently spoke with Xconomy about the rise in popularity of Pokemon Go and what it means for enterprise AR. In the interview, Wright shared his thoughts on the changing AR landscape and gave insights into the availability and use of 3D content for enterprise AR. 

“Vuforia’s mission is to democratize augmented reality development,” he notes in the piece. He goes on to explain that 3D content in the form of CAD data is a latent opportunity for AR content creators who are ready to start building their AR experiences. “There is a ton of this CAD data, much of it created and managed with PTC products like Creo and Windchill. Further, all this CAD data is just screaming to be published in AR.”

You can read the entire interview on Xconomy’s site

For more of Jay Wright’s thoughts about AR, see his presentation from Augmented World Expo (AWE):