Turn IoT Data into an Easily Usable Tool

March 9, 2016

Do you have too much time-sensitive data going to too few data analysts using inadequate legacy systems? You’re not alone—this is an industry-wide problem. Automate and accelerate the development of your analytics, solutions, and intelligence with  ThingWorx Machine Learning and integrate proactive intelligence into any ThingWorx-powered solution.

ThingWorx Machine Learning gives you and your developers what you need to reliably learn from the past, make effective decisions in the present, and profitably anticipate the future.

What does ThingWorx Machine Learning do for you?

In the ThingWorx Machine Learning eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Why hiring expert talent isn’t enough to overcome challenges
  • How the automation of standard analytics can free your data analysts for custom or complex challenges
  • What happened when a large manufacturer used the platform to find the chokepoints in a 1000-step industrial process spread over three facilities
  • How the platform adjusts to unanticipated changes in the underlying data stream

The algorithms behind ThingWorx Machine Learning

The sophisticated algorithms powering ThingWorx Machine Learning ensure a smooth, effective, and unobtrusive experience, allowing you to keep your attention where it should be: on making effective business decisions.

To understand what went into the development of the ThingWorx Machine Learning platform, and why this represents the inevitable next step in automating analytics, read Automating and Democratizing Cutting Edge Analytics from ABI Research.

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