Transforming Healthcare for Better Patient Outcomes with Dell

February 16, 2016

According to a recent McKinsey Global Institute report, “Customers will capture most of the benefits. We estimate that the users of IoT (businesses, other organizations, and consumers) could capture 90 percent of the value that IoT applications generate. For example, the value of improved health of chronic disease patients through remote monitoring could be as much as $1.1 trillion per year in 2025.”

There is no doubt connectivity and new product capabilities introduce tremendous advantages and the Internet of Things is rapidly becoming embedded in our lives.  ThingWorx and Dell have teamed up to offer technology and business expertise for healthcare, and will be featured at HIMSS, the largest health IT event in the industry.  While physicians and health IT departments are still maneuvering the IoT space, there are a number of innovative use cases.

Not only are healthcare organizations adopting IoT solutions to reduce cost and improve hospital productivity, but IoT is helping improve the quality of healthcare.  We want to hear about your connected health experiences, join ThingWorx and Dell as we co-host an #IoTChat Wednesday, February 17th at 1 PM ET.

We will hear insight on preventative care, remote monitoring and service, and how real-time data and augmented reality is advancing healthcare.  Use #IoTChat to join the conversation and follow along on the @ThingWorx handle.

Wellness and Prevention

Wellness programs are available to target at risk patients.  Sensor technology can capture and monitor parameters in order to analyze data like social profiles; medical and family history to arrive at better health risk assessments.

Patient Monitoring

Many use cases are applicable in an inpatient or home setting. Remote management of medical devices, and therapeutic control can easily be established to set up alerts and notifications or create event logs.

Hospital Operations

The utilization of expensive equipment, space, and clinical staff will be substantially improved, producing better care and patient experiences. Smart medical devices allows clinicians to track patients remotely and take more-appropriate and timely action.

The opportunities for such monitoring—and for integrating disparate real-time data to gain new insights and inform lifestyle improvements—are game changing.

Join us for our #IoTChat Wednesday, February 17th at 1 PM ET.  Dell will also feature solutions at the upcoming HIMSS16  Annual Conference March 1 to 3 stop by to visit booth #4416.