This Week in IoT: Samsung Bets on BoT, Ericsson Announces NB-IoT

January 12, 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happened last week in Las Vegas and with it came a slew of IoT-related announcements. While the show has a consumer focus, several announcements from big names like Samsung and Ericsson will have impacts across commercial and industrial sectors as well.

Betting on BoT

In his hour-long CES keynote, Samsung’s Dr. W.P. Hong shared his company’s view on the IoT. Samsung’s IoT strategy rests on three pillars: devices, platforms, and security. Among the many innovations that Dr. Hong pointed out on Samsung’s device horizon, one in particular stood out: the new generation of batteries developed by Samsung SDI.

Fabrice Hudry, vice president of Samsung SDI America, noted that batteries are revolutionizing the energy industry by allowing us to harvest and store large amounts of renewable energy. “Right now, batteries are taking us into the age of the Internet of Things,” he said from the stage. “And because the IoT depends ultimately on electric energy, we are also entering the age of the Batteries of Things (BoT).”

Hudry introduced what may be the mother of all BoTs – the Stripe Battery, which is ultra-slim, uber-flexible, and has a high energy density. The 0.3mm thick battery is expected to power many different kinds of IoT wearables. The battery can also be charged quickly, with a 50% battery charge achieved in 15 minutes. Check out the full Samsung keynote in the video below (skip to the 11:36 mark to hear Hudry).

LTE and the NB-IoT

Also from CES, mobile technology company Ericsson announced new cellular network software called Ericsson Networks Software 17A for Massive IoT which will allow the growing number of IoT devices to connect to the same cell. This new software is an important step in preparing today’s networks to handle data from unconventional mobile devices like parking meters, city buses, industrial machinery, and more.

As noted in this PC World piece, narrowband IoT (or NB-IoT) is a variety of LTE that can be rolled out as a software upgrade to current cellular networks. According to the report, at least one major carrier is on board. AT&T has thrown their commitment behind NB-IoT.

PTC Wins IoT Award

Our parent company PTC received the prestigious IoT Innovation Vendor of the Year Award from marketing analytics and consulting firm Compass Intelligence at the CES show. The Compass Intelligence Annual Awards recognize the best mobile computing, wireless data communications, IoT, and eco-friendly products and services offered in the market during the past year.

In the announcement, Keith Robinson, Director of M2M & IoT Research & Consulting, Compass Intelligence said, “PTC has emerged as an IoT powerhouse. Its big vision, robust tech stack, and market success make the company a clear winner. I project that PTC and its ThingWorx IoT business unit will continue its strong growth trajectory in 2016 with superior technology and leadership.”

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