ThingWorx and Glassbeam Deliver Customer Value with Analytics

February 18, 2016

My family and friends often ask me “What does your company do and what is the Internet of Things?” Is there really an easy way to explain? Case in point as I sipped my coffee this morning watching Good Morning America, announcing they will take viewers on a 360 degree Virtual Reality Safari tour, taking the technology of tomorrow to an ancient paradise in Tanzania.  Where do I sign up!  The technology of the future makes it possible to go on this journey which never would have been possible. Helping people understand the depth and breadth of IoT may be a challenge, but businesses face other challenges.

Harbor Research offers a rationale in a joint research report, How Strategic Analytics Alliances will Drive Innovation and New Customer Value, “The new world of Smart Systems are ushering in an era where people, machines, devices, sensors, and businesses are all connected and able to interact with one another.”  This new era is upon us and certainly ushers in a dramatic shift in how people and businesses interact with things.  During our recent ThingEvent, we gave some more concrete examples of those “Smart Systems”, showcasing augmented reality (AR) for the enterprise. PTC’s CEO, Jim Heppelmann, introduced the event, explaining that AR is about to completely disrupt the way we work. Heppelmann went on to explain, “The way that AR will really rock the world and change our lives is when we apply it in the enterprise.”  If you missed it take time to watch the transformation of our customers in the replay.

Businesses face other challenges, where to start, what about business processes, what do we do with all the data, how do we provide better value?  One must consider the cost of data scientists and performance limits, data type and volume changes, and static versus dynamic modeling.  The volume of data delivered within the IoT ecosystem is delivered faster than any other type of enterprise data.  How then can companies effectively and efficiently analyze, and deliver proactive information to fully deliver new customer value?

Glassbeam, a ThingWorx partner, is using the ThingWorx Machine Learning platform to harness the functionality of Glassbeam Studio reducing time needed to draw insights in machine learning projects.  This week Glassbeam unveiled two revolutionary product enhancements for the IoT analytics market. Partnering with ThingWorx, Glassbeam leverages capabilities informed by IoT connectivity, application development tools and machine data analytics.

The ThingWorx platform helps automate the data discovery and predictive analytics process, speeding time to insights and reducing the dependency on expert resources normally required to create, operationalize, and integrate advanced or predictive analytics for key decision makers in the enterprise.  ThingWorx Machine Learning takes a specific format of structured input in order to model and apply predictive analytics on the data. This is where Glassbeam comes in. Glassbeam translates the semi-structured machine data into a structured CSV that ThingWorx Machine Learning can process and then feed that data into ThingWorx Machine Learning using REST based web services. ThingWorx mashup builder can then use the output of ThingWorx Machine Learning’s analysis in order to create interactive visualizations.

“Analytics and machine learning in the IoT world have a significant dependency on data transformation and preparation especially when dealing with unstructured machine log data” said Ryan Caplan, President and GM of Analytics at PTC.  “This problem gets more compounded when you have to combine unstructured log data with its varying complex formats with structured data sources to create richer data sets for deeper analysis. We believe Glassbeam has created a valuable footprint in this space and GB studio is another proof of their mission to simplify IoT analytics implementation life cycles”.

The potential of IoT, analytics, and augmented reality is huge and can have a major impact on the way companies and customers experience things.

For more information read Automating and Democratizing Cutting Edge Analytics, a new white paper written by ABI Research. Want to experience IoT, Analytics, and Augmented Reality first hand, register now for LiveWorx to be part of the game changing technology of the future.

Image Courtesy Harbor Research