ThingWorx and Bosch – A Partnership That Makes You A Leader With IoT

December 22, 2015

12 months ago, if someone asked if me if Bosch and ThingWorx were competitors in the IoT space I would have said yeah…somehow.  But on the other hand… not totally. Correct, both solutions include a device management component, for example. However, when you start digging deeper you quickly realize that ThingWorx, with its Rapid Application Enablement Platform, provides more of a front-end focus with tools to quickly develop a meaningful User Interface whereas the Bosch IoT Suite provides the back-end support for integration.  Bosch also brings Eclipse’s Vorto open source language that allows you to link devices across different platforms. Vorto enables ThingWorx and Bosch IoT Suite to seamlessly work together.

ThingWorx and Bosch recognize the synergies and the importance of their partnership.   Their joint solution enables your organization to deploy IoT initiatives quickly and with little effort. This partnership has one objective: to help you take the IoT lead in your industry. So getting back to that question about competition. Today I would make it very short:  No, we are not competitors, we undoubtedly complement each other.
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