ThingEvent Showcases the Business Value of Augmented Reality

January 28, 2016

There has been much buzz about Augmented Reality (AR) as the next wave of progress in the Internet of Things (IoT). And while the concept has always seemed “cool” and “exciting,” many claim they have yet to see real, tangible evidence of how businesses across the enterprise can benefit. Until today.

ThingEvent did not disappoint. A Boston auditorium packed with business leaders, industry experts, developers and thought leaders, plus a livestream viewing audience of more than 13,000 registrants worldwide, got a first-hand glimpse at how innovators in their fields have developed a plan and vision for bridging the gap between the physical and digital world via AR.

PTC’s CEO, Jim Heppelmann, introduced the event, explaining that AR is about to completely disrupt the way we work. Heppelmann went on to explain, “The way that AR will really rock the world and change our lives is when we apply it in the enterprise.”

ThingEvent Customer Examples

thignevent-kpm-demoLeading sport motorcycle manufacturer and PTC customer KTM shared its vision for augmented reality, which is that, ultimately, it will help the company to deliver a more consistent level of service around the globe. Instead of less experienced service technicians leafing through cumbersome manuals to diagnose an issue, their AR solution will allow them to simply lay an iPad over the bike to drill down into service issues. This process also provides all of the relevant information about a specific bike, including production information, service history, and current warranty coverage. In addition to achieving value from AR in hands-on service, KTM’s Jens Tuma described the “tremendous value” of AR in training of technicians.

Sysmex, a global leader in clinical hematology analyzers has a goal of maximizing the uptime of its diagnostic instruments. Steve Postma, Enterprise Architect at Sysmex America, Inc., explained how the company is leveraging Vuforia AR and IoT technology to do just that. Their solution, an iOS app called MySysmex, allows their end user to be more self-sufficient, by empowering them to perform routine (and not-so-routine) maintenance tasks through following visual, interactive, easy-to-follow instructions.

thingevent-ar-service-demo What’s Coming Next in AR and IoT?

Now is the time for companies to dig in and get their hands dirty in incorporating augmented reality into their business. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to chat with Steve Postma from Sysmex the day before the event, and asked him for insight into how businesses can achieve value from AR. Steve’s frank response was this: “You’re not going to achieve value by standing on the sidelines watching. You’ve got to experiment with it.”

In the spirit of helping both business leaders and developers in heeding this advice, PTC announced that it will be introducing a new suite of products called “ThingX,” which stands for Thing Experience. Comprised of three components: ThingBrowser, ThingServer, and ThingBuilder, ThingX will be an easy-to-use, intuitive tool which will allow companies to quickly and easily generate mobile-friendly apps and compelling AR experiences.

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