ThingEvent Demonstrates the Reality of Augmented Reality

March 3, 2016

As machines and devices become more capable, they also become more complex—and demand more sophisticated maintenance and repair. But with the increasing speed of device evolution, finding trained and experienced field service techs for the devices that run our world becomes an increasing challenge. That’s where augmented reality (AR) can be a game changer.

Help for field service techs—and lab techs too

In its recent ThingEvent presentation, PTC focused on practical, real-world applications for AR.  One index of the usability of a technology is its demonstrated application: in this case, repairing a motorcycle (KTM) and replacing a reagent in a laboratory device (Sysmex).  The industry response to ThingEvent shows a realization that the technology has matured.

A variety of industry analysts responded to these demos with some insights about the implications of this new maturity of AR technology. And various PTC customers have their own specific views of the business implications.

The changing demographics of field service

The retirement of a generation of field service techs has been worrying the industry for a while.  But, in its recent Emerging Workforce in the Field: Tech-Savvy to Technician, Aberdeen Group highlights both the challenges and opportunities of a younger, digital native cohort in field service. These new workers will benefit from, and increasingly rely on, AR technology to assist them in their work.

This year is the year for AR in the enterprise. And ThingWorx is the place where you can follow how it’s going, and augment your own reality.

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