The Thunder Rolls with IoT at Salesforce World Tour

December 17, 2015

For those that have attended a Dreamforce event in San Francisco you understand when someone tries to explain the energy of the event.  It’s palpable right when you land at SFO and continues on as you sit through the amazing keynotes, it spills into the exhibit hall and into the city when the day’s sessions are over.  Now picture all that in a smaller package and that is what you experience when you attend a Salesforce World Tour event.  PTC and ThingWorx are participating at Salesforce’s World Tour, December 17 in Dallas.  We have a booth in the Customer Success Expo hall and with an expected attendance of 1,500, the energy is what one would expect from a Salesforce event.  High!

Salesforce’s World Tour is a great opportunity to learn more about the products announced at Dreamforce this past September, specifically the unveiling of the IoT Cloud powered by Thunder and its associated ecosystem, including ThingWorx.

IoT Cloud connects billions of events from devices, sensors, applications and more from  the Internet of Things to Salesforce—enabling companies to unlock insights from the connected world.  At the event today, the main theme is Customer Success.  Keynote speaker Stephanie Buscemi, COO, Analytics Cloud at Salesforce, explains that the only way to truly achieve customer success is to have a 360 degree view of your customers and how they are using your products.

PTC’s ThingWorx technology is a key contributor to this 360 degree view.  As one of  five strategic partners supporting Salesforce’s IoT Cloud, the ThingWorx platform collects product data and passes significant business events to Salesforce IoT cloud.  Those events are used to provide business users with insight by feeding workflows, opening service cases, creating alerts, and populating dashboards.  Imagine the power a business user can have when their products are speaking directly to them.  Accordingly, the result is extremely impactful across all departments in an organization:

Sales and Marketing departments will have a complete account overview prior to meeting with customers.  They have an easy way to identify cross-sell & upsell opportunities along with any over or underutilization of products.  They can also identify the need for additional product resulting in higher sales.

**Imagine designing marketing campaigns knowing what features your prospects and customers actually cared about.

Engineering departments will use the collected product data to improve product design, identify usage-based design requirements and in some cases to create new product lines.

**Imagine being able to drive product roadmap based on how the products are actually being used.

 Service departments will have access to predictive maintenance and tickets & workflows will be used to schedule these events.

**Imagine being able to schedule service calls before the product breaks.

Operations departments can now monitor product performance, automate tasks & activities and remotely control product activities.

** Imagine having the ability to drive business decisions based on actual product performance.

The combination of Thingworx and IoT Cloud enables that 360 degree view to help have a fresh look at your customers and products. Imagine the endless possibilities.  Signing off now but look for additional posts as this exciting partnership continues to grow!  Visit our website to experience the power of the IoT!