Thawing Out Frozen Applications

August 10, 2011

Applications have traditionally been rigidly designed for a specific business function, supporting a narrow set of information capture and user roles.  All “insight” was designed in at the time of application specification and changes could only occur via the traditional IT development process.  These applications are static in that after a long, tedious design and deploy cycle, they have no ability to anticipate or adapt to problems or opportunities that may arise in the future.  Once the application is released, it is FROZEN, only to be thawed out when the next update is released, after another long, drawn out design and development cycle.  Frozen applications are a curse to companies seeking to innovate as they impede responsiveness and position IT as the bottleneck for information flow, answers to problems, and drivers of opportunities.  A frozen application fundamentally impedes the ability of an organization to anticipate, react, change, and innovate.

Applications developed using ThingWorx, and the process for developing them, are different.  ThingWorx enables a rapid, iterative approach to design and deployment, allowing solutions to be delivered incrementally, shortening the time to first value and increasing user satisfaction with the final solution.  ThingWorx’s unique model-based design and hyper-productive development tools enables developers to build and deploy operational solutions in a fraction of the time of traditional approaches.   With ThingWorx, developers quickly model the Things (people, systems and real world equipment/devices) in their world, independent of any specific use-case.  Things are augmented projections of their real world equivalents containing the complete set of data, services, events, historical activities, collaboration, relationships and user interfaces that define it and its place in the world.  These Things can then be easily combined into solutions, tagged and related into industrial social graphs, searched/queried/analyzed, and mashed up into new operational processes.

Most importantly, ThingWorx enables a new type of application!  ThingWorx enables applications that are ‘dynamic’ in that they continuously evolve and grow over time, much like a brain, generating an increasing amount of value.  ThingWorx’ unique technology provides the basis for this evolution, allowing users to answer questions, solve problems, and capture opportunities that have not even been anticipated.  This concept is unique to ThingWorx derived applications- applications that anticipate and increase in value the more they are used.

ThingWorx unique mashup builder also enables new applications and processes to be ‘assembled’ by business users by simply remixing existing Things with new collaboration and visualization elements, while still maintaining corporate governance.