TechRepublic How IoT Big Data Will Transform Manufacturing Automation

October 1, 2014

Mary Shacklett of TechRepublic recently wrote an interesting piece titled “How IoT Big Data Will Transform Manufacturing Automation.“ In her post, Shacklett makes a few interesting points:

1. “…enterprise systems must be modified so they can interface with and monitor IoT sensor-based technology, along with a host of disparate manufacturing, logistics, procurement, order, and other systems that must be integrated into a single back plane system.”

2. There will be a need to “bring together the big data team with the standard data team because… both big and standard data must work together and be tightly integrated. This means getting both data teams engaged in a joint project so information flows can be architected that draw upon both standard and big data to drive the automation needed to run the factories. If factories are spread across different suppliers and geographies, there will also be a need to import that big and standard data architecture to others who are part of the manufacturing supply chain.”

Although these sound like daunting tasks Shacklett, along with various analyst groups she references in her piece like Frost & Sullivan and McKinsey & Company, say that this transformation to smart, connected manufacturing and operations will be well worth it.

She states, “As big data and IoT remakes factories into optimized and highly automated plants, goods will achieve greater speeds to market, with stepped up profits for companies since more goods can be routed to market faster. Progressive companies are already investing in IoT-driven systems, which they believe will enable faster responses to changes in consumer demand and product innovation. This potentially opens up greater market opportunities for companies and more options for consumers -which benefits everyone in the value chain.”

Read the full article here and learn how you can begin your connected operations and manufacturing transformation through the Internet of Things with the ThingWorx platform.