Taking a Business-First Approach to IoT Services

June 3, 2016

Guest Blog by Raman Spara, Vice President and Global Head Dell Digital Business Services

Internet of Things (IoT) is probably the most important spoke in the latest cycle of digital transformation. By converting passive things into active ones, IoT enables us to understand the system better and reflects the huge difference in the way we do things. In the current world of high digitization, IoT is being is probably preferred more than any simple automation because, it is mobile and virtual, and features a continuous interaction between systems. Thus making it the next frontier for digital revolution. This is greatly enhanced by organizations like Thingworx who are leading the charge on IoT and increasing its applicability in various industries.

I strongly believe, that IoT is more than just the connectivity of smart devices for the convenience of users. Sensors are used to capture fine-grained, precise data that can be analyzed in real time to improve business processes and lead to action. Particularly, the IoT services strongly address the organization’s needs by leveraging their diverse, cross-vertical solution accelerators where each of these solution accelerators is an ecosystem of business use cases and there are modules built out to implement these used cases.

Propelling growth in these enterprise IoT solutions is driving the next stage of digital adoption among various sectors such as manufacturing, supply chain, healthcare, insurance, and hospitality. For instance, the future of connected health is expected to increasingly cover efforts at wellness and true prevention to avoid costly health events that degrade patient wellness. Thus, the new era of connected health enabled through IoT is expected to cover not just patients, but healthy individuals as well. Thus creating an integrated and interconnected heterogeneous IoT eco-system. Similarly, in the insurance industry, IoT is spearheading new business models that benefit the consumer while improving the insurer’s profitability through improved underwriting and claim reduction.

In this context, I am very excited about LiveWorx 2016(June 6th-9th), where Burk Buechler, our Global Head for IoT  services at Dell Digital Business Services, will discuss the role of IoT in digital transformation. In addition to it, there are Industry demos built on the Thingworx platform by Dell Digital Business Services at the Xtropolis expo hall booth no. A6 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center where our experts will analyze the IOT opportunities in Industries like healthcare, insurance and hospitality. I would strongly recommend that you walk by the booth to experience these demos and also sign up for Burk’s session on the 8thJune. Looking forward to a great Liveworx 2016.

Raman Sapra, Vice president & global head, Dell Digital Business Services Raman Sapra

Vice president & global head, Dell Digital Business Services

Raman Sapra is the vice president and global leader of Dell Digital Business Services. Raman has close to twenty years of experience in the information technology industry with a unique blend of operational and strategic expertise in P&L management, international business management, account management, strategic planning and mergers & acquisitions. Outside of work, Raman likes to spend time with his family, read and follow Formula 1.