Riding in Tandem with Cognizant

December 14, 2015

On Monday, December 14 several members of the ThingWorx partner team were invited to join Cognizant, a PTC and ThingWorx Systems Integrator, at their Global Account Planning (GAP) Summit in Orlando.  What better place to interact with more than 1000 of Cognizant’s key decision makers and sales executives, and to lay the groundwork for greater growth in joint IoT initiatives in 2016.

To show the Cognizant team a real-life example of the Internet of Things in action, Andy Timm, (ThingWorx VP for Technology Platforms) and I arranged to demonstrate a connected Santa Cruz downhill race bike on-site.  The bike is completely designed and engineered in PTC Creo Parametric and has been instrumented with sensors to measure, monitor and understand the bike’s performance, as well as with a CompactRIO from National Instruments for connectivity.  As the rider interacts with the physical bike, the ThingWorx platform connects and displays things like wheel speed, compression on the suspension mechanisms, steering angle, etc., on a digital model of the physical bike.

The result is a product that combines the digital and physical into the new reality, moreover you can have fun showing it! And round and round we go!

To learn more about how the Internet of Things is bridging the digital and physical worlds by creating products in the field that are distinct but inseparable, watch this cool, 3-minute video

To learn more about Cognizant, take a look at this interesting whitepaper to gain more insights

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You’ll hear more from us on the road with partners and our connected bike demos.  Stay tuned!