Rapid Outcomes: The “first downs” your business needs to score big

June 14, 2017

Between growing up in a small town that shuts down on game day, having three older brothers, and practically being born a football fan, it’s hard for me not to think of business strategies in football terms. With the advent of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and the fast-paced Internet of Things industry, the need for getting value quickly and continually with your software investments is a necessity to remain competitive. This is where interactive, short engagements like PTC’s Rapid Outcomes can give you that competitive advantage in the marketplace or “on the field”.

Rapid Outcomes are services that are specifically designed to help you achieve a targeted result on PTC technology, such as ThingWorx 8, to drive adoption, optimize productivity, and expedite your use cases in a matter of days or even hours. Think of Rapid Outcomes as your first downs. In football, first downs are essential to get you into scoring position and help you to progress down the field. When companies are hitting road blocks in the proof of concept stage, this is where leveraging Rapid Outcomes to quickly overcome these speed bumps becomes fundamental.

For example, say you are a PTC customer and have just purchased ThingWorx and want to build your first MashUp using best practices and PTC expertise, then the ThingWorx MashUp Enablement Rapid Outcome is the perfect play. Or maybe you’re already working on your first proof-of-concept and want to check your solution for quality, scalability and security before you get too far down the path, then the ThingWorx Solution Review would be a winning choice.

All Rapid Outcomes are delivered via PTC Success Plans which are strategically packaged sets of services and resources to help maximize the value of your software investment delivered by Customer Success Managers. Think of Success Plans as your playbook and the Customer Success Managers are your coordinators up in the press box helping connect you with the right services (or plays) to get you to your business objectives, touchdowns, and ultimately a win with ThingWorx.

Success Plans and Rapid Outcomes are designed to ensure you achieve quick first time-to-value, recurring value and ultimately transformative value with your
software investment to not just win, but become champions.

To learn more about Success Management and Rapid Outcomes, visit www.ptc.com/en/services/success-management and get started today.

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