On “The Edge” of the IoT

October 14, 2015

Which is more secure from Internet attacks: a coffee pot or an industrial robot? While these two objects may seem extremely different, both are connected devices and both share the same position on the Edge of the Internet of Things (IoT). As we move toward a more connected world, it’s important to understand the IoT and how it functions.

Most mentions of the Internet of Things (IoT) speak about it as a single amorphous entity; a giant blob of hardware and software that is revolutionizing the technology world. The IoT is, in fact, not a giant blob but rather it is an ecosystem with a defined architecture and clear lines between the Edge, the Cloud and IoT Apps.

Joe Biron, VP of IoT Technology at ThingWorx, recently sat down with Jon Bruner, Director of Hardware & IoT at O’Reilly, to discuss the Edge of the IoT and to bring clarity to the tools and terms that constitute its architecture. The live webcast includes an interactive discussion as well as a review of the sensors, actuators, controllers, and agents that enable real-time information between IoT products and services. Joe also touches upon industry standards, industry organizations, and security concerns in the IoT.

So, back to that question about the coffee pot or the robot: Which IoT device is more secure? Hint: One is remote update capable and the other is not. Check out the webcast to find out why this matters.

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