ThingWorx & NXP Bring the IoT Home at CES 2016

January 5, 2016

ThingWorx & NXP Bring the IoT Home at CES 2016

Meet the ThingWorx team and see us demo a Smart Home Energy App at CES in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016.  We’ll be in NXP’s showcase area in the “Tech East” Central Plaza at the Las Vegas Convention Center.   Our demo, The Smart Home Energy App powered by ThingWorx, provides you with the ability to understand the energy consumption within your house, condo or apartment, identify the highest sources of consumption and make smart decisions about how to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.  The app enables you to:

  • Monitor and track real-time and historical power consumption of devices in your home
  • Save money by understanding the energy consumption of specific devices
  • Make smart decisions about how and when to use specific devices
  • Integrate external factors such as weather, temperature and location into your decision making process
  • Identify and correct money-sucking problems (i.e. forgot to turn down heat, left a light on…)

Smart devices from NXP are tied to common household items such as a refrigerator, water heater, television, air conditioner, etc., and secure communication from these devices is easily established to your home network.    Data about the energy consumption for each device is then sent to the ThingWorx platform where you can build, deploy and evolve applications such as this Smart Home Energy App ten times faster.    The device information is visualized within ThingWorx in an interactive and insightful way.  Each room in the home is graphically displayed along with depictions of the devices that are being monitored and each device displays its current state and power consumption data.  Using the intuitive app, you can turn devices on and off in the house to see the immediate impact on overall energy consumption.  You can also easily view historical data of overall household power consumption on specific days and times as well the power consumption of each specific device over time.   Data can be compared to external factors such as weather and temperature enabling you to save money by making smart decisions about device usage.

Visit the ThingWorx Marketplace to learn more about building IoT solutions 10X faster that include ThingWorx Ready hardware from NXP.

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