New Report Touts Importance of Real-Time IoT Analytics

August 2, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) seamlessly bridges the physical and digital worlds using smart, connected devices, like sensors and actuators, that work together to send data across smart, connected systems. These connected devices provide a constant stream of data that is unique in its volume, velocity, and variety. A new report from Forrester Research called “IoT Upsets Application Development”  looks at the importance of real-time IoT analytics in application development. 

The app development process is no longer linear, with inputs flowing through to outputs. Instead, streaming IoT data from hundreds or thousands of connected devices requires two-way communication and real-time reporting. The report likens this data stream to “a spigot that is always open.” IoT app developers must look at how to turn this flow of contextual information from connected devices and systems into useful, actionable data.

IoT analytics plays an important role in how IoT apps ingest, process, and present data. Predictive analytics goes one step further in providing insight into the future state of the data stream; therefore, it is important to include a robust IoT analytics capability that can give the application development team the information needed to enhance programmed logic in IoT apps.

An example outlined in this report uses a thermostat. Simple logic says that if the temperature goes above a certain degree, then the cooling system should turn on. In the smart, connected world, this thermostat’s usefulness goes beyond just telling the temperature. As the report notes, “learned logic modifies the programmed logic by analyzing the data and behavior of the [thermostat] application over time. Learned logic comes from advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms that recognize repeated patterns and turn those into logic.”

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