Mozilla Refocuses Firefox OS for the IoT

December 14, 2015

Mozilla, the open source software company known for its Firefox browser on the desktop, announced a decision last week to kill off the Firefox OS for smartphones in favor of pursuing IoT opportunities.Twitter bird Mozilla senior vice president for connected devices Ari Jaaksi announced on the Mozilla blog that “We will make space for this [IoT] exploration by stopping our work to build and ship smartphones through carrier partners.”

The OS, which debuted several years ago, was an attempt by the company to catch up to rivals like Google and Apple in the mobile space. As noted by WIRED Magazine, “it was a way to get Firefox front and center on mobile phones, since Apple and Google bundle their own web browsers by default with their mobile operating systems.” For developers, the Firefox OS was touted as a powerful and flexible developer option to launch apps.

It is unclear as to what’s next for developers who are working on Firefox OS apps or who are interested in developing apps for their new focus on the IoT. The brief announcement via the Mozilla blog also did not offer a timeline for when the market can expect new initiatives or products based on the new IoT focus.

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