ThingWorx Marketplace 2.0 Boasts Fresh Design and Improved Usability

February 10, 2016

This week, ThingWorx launched a new version of its Marketplace. The new version has been improved to provide better usability and create a more fluid user experience for anyone searching for ThingWorx compatible IoT components.  The ThingWorx Marketplace is an online exchange created for the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides many of the required building blocks of an IoT solution from within one single location, creating the ideal online environment for consumers and providers of IoT technology to collaborate.

The fresh new look of the ThingWorx Marketplace will probably be the first thing to catch your eye. While the overall layout hasn’t changed too much, the new user interface looks much cleaner, putting the focus on the apps, extensions, Starter Kits and other components available on the Marketplace.

Key components of the Marketplace are now easily accessible via a navigation bar on the top of the page. No matter which page you are on, you can always jump right into another content category.

New and improved detail pages

One of the biggest improvements to ThingWorx Marketplace is the revamped component detail pages. All relevant and related information about a piece of content  or partner is now accessible within one single view.

  • Item profiles: Clicking on a component will give you all the information you need: from a short description, requirements and support information to version history and brief info about the content author. What’s more, if a certain software component was developed for a specific product, you’ll find that info right within the same view as well.
  • Partner profiles: If you like working with a particular partner or prefer purchasing software, etc. from companies you have already worked with, you’ll like our new and improved Partner profiles. Partner profiles now give you an overview of all the components (extensions, apps, Starter Kits) that a company has published on the Marketplace, as well as a list of their certified products and technologies.

Version history

Another completely new feature that we brought to the Marketplace is version history. If a certain software component is available in different versions, you’ll be able to browse through them and pick the one you want to download for your application. For the heavy users out there that download content on a consistent basis, the Marketplace gives you an overview of the content that you have already downloaded. Users will be able to access their download history under “My Account”.

Improved search capabilities

With the relaunch, ThingWorx Marketplace now also offers improved search capabilities. In addition to searching for content using the search bar, you can now browse content using a comprehensive selection of filters, which you’ll find to the left of every individual page. Apps & Extensions, for example, can now be filtered by industries or functional categories, such as analytics or device management.

Finally, we have created a new page with publishing guidelines for all those companies and developers out there that are interested in developing content for the ThingWorx Marketplace or publishing their ThingWorx based or compatible technology on the Marketplace. The page provides all relevant information and step-by-step instructions on how to publish content to the Marketplace.

Take a look yourself to see how the new and improved features help you find the right component to build or enhance your IoT application.