IoT Start-Ups Vie for $1 Million Prize

October 8, 2015

Verizon recently announced the finalists for their Powerful Answers contest, where innovative startups in three technology categories— emergency response, transportation, and Internet of Things (IoT)—vie for a $1 million grand prize. Twelve IoT start-ups are highlighted in this final round, and the breadth of these companies put a spotlight on the diverse and varied nature of what it means to compete in the IoT space.

Smart agriculture competitors in the IoT category are located around the world and have focused their efforts on pain points in our modern food system. Finalists in this category include Chipsafer in Montevideo, Uruguay, who is developing “a platform that can track and detect anomalies in livestock behavior at any time and place with the aim of isolating the outbreak of such anomalies as soon as possible,” and FarmLink in Kansas City, MO, whose aim is to increase the productivity and profitability for farmers by using IoT data and new business models to improve crop production plans. Flux in New York, NY, wants to tackle the issue of consumers/city dwellers who live in food deserts by developing a device that assists the process of growing your own food at home.

Connected health finalists include Owlet in Provo, UT, who is harnessing pulse oximetry data from “smart socks” to alert parents if their baby stops breathing, and Smart Glasses in London, UK, who has developed smart glasses to assist blind and visually-impaired people to complete tasks independently that most of us take for granted.

Smart cities finalists include CityTaps, whose mission is to bring running water to the poor, and Zizmos, who is helping cities deploy faster earthquake alerts and save lives in massive natural disasters.

As you can see from the highlighted IoT start-ups, the opportunities for developers in the IoT are immense. Whether you are interested in agriculture, medicine, infrastructure, consumer products, or even aerospace, there is a puzzle waiting to be solved by your IoT application.

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