PTC’s Jim Heppelmann appears on the IoT Podcast

October 27, 2015

PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann joins the hosts of the IoT Podcast to discuss the future of the Internet of Things. PTC recently announced it would be acquiring the Vuforia augmented reality platform from Qualcomm. PTC has also acquired ThingWorx and Axeda, both IoT platforms for businesses as part of remaking the former industrial design software company into a one-stop-shop for the connected world.

Hepplemann shares this idea of creating a digital twin in AR for every physical product, chock full of data that product might be generating. So under AR, your smart devices might one day share information about their connections with other devices and services, their histories and stats that aren’t visible to you and more. In industrial settings it’s far more powerful. So listen to the podcast and be wowed.