IoT is Enabling a New Era – Insights from Dell World

October 27, 2015

Our team just returned from Dell World, where we were a sponsor, held in Austin, Texas on October 20-22.  IoT was a hot topic discussed in a number of sessions and prominently featured in the Dell Digital Business Services IoT showcase.  Dell’s Digital Business Services IoT Practice used the ThingWorx platform to create demonstrations highlighting two important use cases:  Connected Home for Insurance and Connected Home Health.

Connected Home for Insurance

Insurers are under pressure to adapt to new ways of engaging and interacting (connecting) with consumers.  Early adopters are looking to IoT as an enabler to spearhead new business models and enhance their value propositions such as; Insurance as a Service, Usage Based Insurance, Predictive Intervention and add-on services that benefit the consumer while improving the insurer’s profitability.  Dell Digital Business Services built a prototype application that aggregated data from sensors (ex. Moisture, temperature, security) onto Dell IoT Gateway. The data was pushed to the ThingWorx  Platform in the cloud and, via ThingWorx APIs, presented in an application developed with Dell technology.  In this use case, consumers can have their home insurance premiums reduced because they are aware of leaks, electrical malfunction, unlocked doors/windows before any extensive property damage or loss occurs.

Connected Home Health

The future of telehealth is expected to increasingly cover efforts at wellness and true prevention to avoid costly health events that degrade patient wellness. Thus, the new era of telehealth enabled with IoT is expected to cover not just patients, but healthy individuals as well. Beyond care to cure and prevent illness, health wellness promotion will be a huge area of primary focus. Dell demonstrated a home health application that aggregated data from sensors (ex. Body temperature, body position, heart rate) onto Dell IoT Gateway. The data was pushed to the ThingWorx  Platform in the cloud where  it was presented in an application developed with the ThingWorx Mashup and Composer tools.

ThingWorx and our partners Dell and Intel joined forces to host a pre-conference, hands-on IoT Boot Camp where developers rolled up their sleeves and jumped in working with Intel Edison boards equipped with sensors, Dell’s new IoT Gateway and the ThingWorx platform.   For the business leaders we gave them the opportunity to interact and network with peers as they discussed real-world IoT use cases within various industries.  After splitting them into two tracks, technical and business, they went full speed creating business plans and ended the day pitching their innovative IoT use case/solutions.  Dell Digital Business Services offers the power of digital capabilities across cloud, mobility, social media, big data and digital transformation consulting to deliver comprehensive professional services dedicated to IoT.  Dell IoT gateways, which are ThingWorx certified, bring the power of analytics to the edge of the network, reducing the time and cost associated with transferring non-essential data to the cloud.

Dell Services covers key verticals including healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing and their Dell Starter Kit can be found in the Marketplace.

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