New Online Courses Unpack the IoT for All

February 28, 2016

The business of IoT is changing quickly. If you are outside the technical development areas, it can be hard to keep up with the current terminology, the recent developments—and the business implications.

In response to the demand for straightforward briefings on the implications of the IoT for product development and business strategy, the PTC Academic Team has developed a series of three massive open online courses (MOOCs) that provide the necessary foundation to understand and participate in business decisions related to IoT.

These courses are aimed at business leaders, technology leaders, product developers, and burgeoning IoT developers, but the MOOCs are useful for anyone seeking an understanding of this changing area. Each course includes specific business examples, interactive projects, and supporting reading.

The courses are taught by three experienced PTC instructors, Ayora Berry, Alyssa Walker, and Dr. Jordan Cox. Each takes three to four hours total, but can be stopped and restarted at any time.

Jumpstart Your IoT Learning

  • Unpacking the Internet of Things (IoT)At the fundamental level, how do these new devices sense their state, communicate, and integrate their functions in a network? How do these new capabilities affect product development and business strategy? Included project: Use the ThingWorx development platform to analyze and present the IoT capabilities of a connected product.
  • A Simple Framework for Designing IoT ProductsHow should you think about product development in a connected world? What aspects are particularly important to consider? How do you communicate the benefits of these new products to others? Included project: Create a new IoT business concept.
  • New Business Markets in the Internet of Things (IoT). How is IoT transforming specific market segments? How are relationships between businesses changing as a result? What is the future likely to bring? Included project: Analyze a specific IoT use case, and create a diagram to demonstrate your understanding.