What Does the IoT Buyer Want from Professional Services?

April 1, 2016

IDC’s Directions conference last week in Boston had a single track devoted specifically to IoT. If you couldn’t make the conference, here are some of the high points and insights from IDC analysts presenting at the show:

“Professional Services for IoT and Analytics” by Gard Little, Research Director, IT Consulting and System Integration

There is a lot of focus on ecosystems, because even large organizations can’t cover this complex market: they still have to put systems together. There are players at every level, with their own types of expertise.

Little categorized and summarize some of the key players, and what the likely market reaction to them would be. He emphasized the key areas each player should focus on to maximize the possibility of success.

Advisory and consulting services should focus on go-to-market strategy by partnering with IT developers.

Solution providers should focus on business strategy by using IoT integrators to make their solutions more valuable.

Operators should focus on their offering by injecting IoT data and insights into their processes.

IoT developers should partner with the pure play advisory and consulting firms.

Prosumers (industry players in this case) should focus on offering their own solutions and platforms, and recognize that their industry knowledge trumps IT incumbents.

Little closed with some essential guidance:

  • Keep emergence and reductionism in mind to profit from IoT
  • Clarify your value proposition in the IoT ecosystem
  • Leverage IoT as an accelerator by integrating with efforts related to analytics
  • Work for the IoT future you want, don’t wait for it to happen


Pick a specific spot in the ecosystem as your niche—going wide or deep will diffuse your focus, and this is true even for large companies.  Initially treat the IoT as an accelerator for your existing efforts.