Internet of Things Finally Ready to Cross the Chasm

September 10, 2012

recent article on ReadWriteWeb discussed how the next phase of the Internet will be about connecting “things”, and how the Internet of Things (IoT) will become embedded in our daily lives.  There has been some debate on the pace of its progression, but at ThingWorx, we believe the time is now, and we are already seeing the positive impact of IoT applications within our growing customer base.

To date, building out IoT solutions has been filled with friction – from certifying radios, to provisioning, standing up device clouds, and building the final application. Today, I see the IoT market starting to cross the chasm – this is being made possible by two factors:

  1. Simplified connectivity/provisioning/data access
  2. The introduction of application platforms designed for building IoT applications

That is where ThingWorx comes in – we have “sorted out” the application building aspect of the IoT and offer a platform that reduces this part of the solution effort by 5X to 10X.  Making apps easier to build spurs innovation – a key requirement for making the promise of the IoT a reality.   You can see solutions built on ThingWorx in smart agriculture, smart cities, remote assets servicing, smart grid, smart manufacturing, etc. on our website.

We are excited about the direction we’re heading in, and stay tuned for more from ThingWorx.   Over the next 4 months there will be significant announcements in this space supporting the idea that IoT adoption is accelerating.