Infosys in Partnership with PTC launch the Connected Care Test Bed

April 4, 2016

Within the healthcare industry, the growth and advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) has created many potential opportunities due to high penetration of smart phones, health-based Apps, at home care & monitoring solutions, but with this comes challenges. In light of these challenges, Infosys has forged partnerships with RTI, PTC and Massachusetts General Hospital MD PnP to launch the Connected Care test bed under the Industrial Internet Consortium.


A doctor receives a TXT message warning about one of her patients, and logs into her user account on the Connected Care system. On the summary dashboard, the system has highlighted one of her patients that may need follow up. Clicking on the patient’s name, the system brings up the patient’s health history, and a highlighted alert that the patient has been taking their medication incorrectly (Source: sensors in patients home ). Clicking on the alert, the doctor is able to see the details of the patient’s medication use, and is able to ascertain the potential harm. With another click, the doctor is able to forward the alert to her staff for follow up with a note to discuss with the patient the proper use of their medication.


Develop an open IoT ecosystem for clinical and remote medical devices that can bring together patient monitoring data into a single data management and analytics platform.


Recently approved by the Industrial Internet Consortium, this test bed will showcase new IoT solution models for the healthcare industry. One example where we see tremendous potential is the application of IoT solutions to remotely monitor patients with chronic conditions. With the right connected tools, millions of patients who are afflicted with chronic conditions can be monitored at home to predict and prevent adverse health events, thus reducing the likelihood of hospital readmission.

The Testbed will provide an ecosystem of tools that can provide:

  • Improved patient health and reduced hospital readmissions
  • Provide patient, family and caregivers involvement and access to patient health
  • Enable patients to live at home while under managed care
  • Enable health care providers to improve patient adherence to prescribed treatments

Interested in learning more about the Connected Care Testbed visit the website for additional resources.