Industry of Things World Survey Reveals State of IoT Adoption

February 11, 2016

Industry of Things World recently conducted a cross-industry online survey among business leaders from around the globe.  The survey results shed light on the state of IoT adoption and highlight the opportunities and challenges identified by the more than 270 respondents.

Key Takeaway: IoT Implementation is a Top Priority

Nearly 80% of respondents rank IoT implementation at or near the top of their agenda, and they identify competitive advantage and new revenue channels as among the greatest business opportunities that IoT presents. Those who do not have in-house capabilities to manage IoT projects work with companies like PTC to manage their IoT implementation. In fact, survey respondents identified PTC as one of the top three companies who come to mind as successfully implementing IoT-enabling technologies.

IoT Thought Leadership

Harvard Business School’s Michael E. Porter and PTC’s Jim Heppelmann were identified as key IoT thought leaders. Porter and Heppelmann co-authored two Harvard Business Review articles on IoT which are of particular interest to business leaders given the topics. The first, How Smart Connected Products are Transforming Competition, outlines 10 strategic choices companies need to make which will shape how they incorporate IoT into their business. The follow-up article, How Smart Connected Products are Transforming Companies, highlights real-world examples and offers actionable models showcasing how companies are evolving with the successful adoption of IoT.

Take the Next Step in the IoT Journey

Are you at the beginning of your IoT journey and not sure where to begin? Perhaps you’ve already made progress and you are looking to build on it. No matter what stage of IoT adoption you are in, come to Liveworx 2016 in Boston this June. Connect with your peers, hear from the thought leaders, understand market trends and opportunities, and learn what’s coming next in IoT!