In the Internet of Things, Data is King

September 25, 2015

Welcome to a new series by ThingWorx software development engineers and experts! Here we will write about the exciting “Things” under development, hard problems we’re trying to solve and best practices on how to use our technology platform. In this first post, we discuss data in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The vast number of smart, connected products and the immense amounts of data they generate pose a serious challenge to manage. A technology platform that can handle this amount of data enables a business to automate routine tasks, detect trends from operations and, from those trends, optimize processes. These transformational improvements introduce a number of complexities that a technology platform has to take into account.

Each step – from creation and storage to analysis and action of the data – has to handle numerous facets. In addition to security like authentication and authorization, each step must be able to disseminate the data to customers or integrators both locally and globally, and handle the quality and quantity of data points. On top of managing the data, the technology platform must allow applications to be built that are specific to the customers’ needs in rapid time.

Bill Gates once wrote that content is king, where the Internet will be a marketplace of content. The IoT market transforms the landscape even further, where the successful management of data will create new revenue streams and even new business models.

ThingWorx software development engineers and experts are excited to use this blog as a vehicle to display our solutions to these challenging problems. Keep a lookout for this continuing series to also get a look into our internal development process, the high level approaches we’re taking to solving issues such as security, high availability and scalability, and where we’ll proffer a technical deep dive on a number of our solutions.