How to Select the Right IoT Platform

August 6, 2015

With the growth and hype phase of any new technology comes confusion caused by exaggerated claims of vendors. The Internet of Things and IoT platforms are certainly not exempt. It feels like every week new definitions emerge, new claims are made and new technologies are touted. PTC ThingWorx is right in the center of this IoT ecosystem and we owe it to our customers, partners and the industry as a whole to help make sense of the confusion and bring reality to the forefront.

It no longer makes sense for companies like yours to build their own IoT platform… to design and develop their own connectivity agents, messaging protocols, machine data management and storage systems, rules engine, alarm and event processing engine, APIs and other development tools. Building your own IoT platform and applications is difficult, with long IT project cycles and low return on time and capital. These elements are now pre-integrated, hardened and available in IoT platforms like PTC ThingWorx.

But not all platforms are equal. Some focus on communication and sending data from a device to a server. Others focus on collecting and storing the data and making it available via APIs and tools. Still other IoT platforms focus on tools for managing, configuring and monitoring devices and connected things. PTC

ThingWorx is the first application platform that solved a critical need in this emerging IoT space. Uniting industrial systems, business applications, device connectivity platforms, data and cloud services, analytics, device clouds, and social services as an integration platform, PTC ThingWorx removes the barriers to rapid application development and becomes a one stop shop for IoT enablement.

The true value from the IoT isn’t from the connected things themselves but from the interactions and interconnections between those smart, connected “Things” and the rest of the connected world – human participants, systems, and external services. It is important to understand that ThingWorx can be used to not only connect devices and sensors, but to connect all the information systems and operational assets a company might need to enable this new class of applications necessary to create business value in the Internet of Things.

PTC ThingWorx provides the communications abstraction layer, insulating the technical professional from the many nuances between systems. ThingWorx is device and communications agnostic, supports hybrid networks, heterogeneous device types, and integration of business systems and third party cloud services. ThingWorx also contains several patented technologies to support fast, drag and drop application creation and interactive search capabilities across connected devices and distributed data. The ThingWorx platform compresses the design-develop-deploy cycle, providing a 10 times reduction in the development effort, and enabling customers to quickly and easily build and run innovative Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things applications.

The ThingWorx platform consists of a suite of tools and features to help an organization quickly create connected applications. Don’t just take our word for it- try it yourself! We invite you to explore our IoT Application and Device Quickstarts and see for yourself why PTC ThingWorx is the best platform for IoT development out there.