Get a Full Day of IoT Innovation and Learning at PTC Forum Europe

November 8, 2016

Register now to save your seat at PTC Forum Europe Online on November 15, 2016, and join hundreds of technology leaders who will spend the day in this innovative online education experience. Your registration means free access to IoT keynotes, customer spotlights, and workshop sessions that highlight the most creative and cutting-edge solutions to the IoT’s greatest challenges.


Online sessions include:

ThingWorx Solution Architecture

Suited for Developers and System Administrators who are responsible for designing, developing, and operating IoT Solutions, this session covers the different components that are to be deployed for a solution. Their relationships are discussed, including the device agent components and product extensions. Different architectural landscape options are covered for availability, scale, and geographic distribution.

The Technologists Guide to IoT

Based on the book “Foundational Elements of an IoT Solution” available for download, this session covers how to spot fundamental elements and patterns in your current and future IoT projects by reviewing real use-cases and demonstrations. By attending this session, you’ll walk away with an appreciation for the breadth and depth of the IoT as well as a firm grasp of what ThingWorx addresses and simplifies.

Security and IoT

This session explores some of the new challenges with IoT security and potential mitigations associated with device lifespan, scale, ownership and trust. The presenter leverages his broad experience in IoT security to distill the critical challenges and lessons learned for existing and next generation IoT implementations. This session will help make you more effective at evaluating IoT solutions from a security perspective.

Augmented Reality for the Industrial Enterprise

Attend this session to hear about the latest developments in PTC’s ThingWorx Studio. You’ll see how you can quickly create compelling augmented reality experiences that enable you improve business efficiency by leveraging your existing enterprise assets. Since ThingWorx Studio is fully integral with PTC’s ThingWorx platform, you’ll also get to see how to present IoT information in new and innovative ways.

ThingWorx Analytics

In this session, you will learn the benefits of predictive analytics versus traditional techniques, how it works, and what kind of skills and data are needed to build an IoT solution that leverages ThingWorx Analytics.

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