From “Internet of What?” to the Shared Economy and Beyond

January 12, 2016

At CES 2016, one thing was abundantly clear: Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the face of business, government, and everyday life as we have known it. For businesses to remain competitive they need to hop on board now or risk being left behind.

This is more than just a rally cry. Gavin Whitechurch, Founder of Internet of Things World, Informa, recalled that just two years ago, when he walked the same show floor and spoke to people about IoT, the predominant response was, “Internet of what?” A year later, in 2015, he noticed a heavier presence of IoT. In 2016, he describes IoT as “the predominant theme of the show.”

Shaping the Shared Economy

In particular, the IoT is playing a key role in shaping and furthering the shared economy. When many of us think about this term, Zipcar immediately comes to mind, thanks to its role in turning cars into connected “things.” Carla Archambault, Zipcar’s Director of Strategic Experience, shared the company’s vision for the future as one where, whether you need an SUV for a family trip to the mountains or a luxury car for a night out on the town, “You’ll no longer own a car, you’ll own the trip.”

Jason Johnson, CEO of August Home, delivered a compelling illustration, through his description of his company’s partnership with Airbnb, of how the IoT is bringing the shared economy even closer to home–literally. Johnson used the vacation home he owns as an example. Someone interested in staying at his rental house for the weekend can reserve it using Airbnb’s instant booking; upon booking, the guest is automatically issued an August Home key. When the guest leaves, the housekeeper gets a notification and comes to clean. As Johnson explains, “Literally I have done nothing other than see the money deposited in my checking account.” Sounds like a win-win to me.

Check out the video below to hear directly from the pioneers in the IoT and shared economy at CES 2016.


What’s Next?

What’s coming next in IoT? Augmented reality, when combined with IoT, offers businesses a passport into a new world of possibilities for designing, servicing, and using products. Stay ahead of the game and Register to experience the worldwide live stream for ThingEvent on January 28, 2016. Join us to see how AR is completely changing the way you see Things in the IoT.