Five Reasons to Pick ThingWorx for IoT Development

November 10, 2015

I previously covered four things you need to know about IoT platforms. While companies should be looking to license an IoT platform, not all platforms are the same. Here are several specific areas where ThingWorx outperforms the competition:

Distributed computing is critical

Cloud, or remote, computing is a key part of making the IoT work. There are instances, however, when companies need to harness resources from the “edge of IoT,” a.k.a. on the device itself. Consider network downtime. Can your devices (or your reputation) afford to lose autonomy or intelligence because connectivity is impaired? If all data has to be uploaded for processing, that can incur substantial bandwidth charges—versus data being managed on the device, with only select information being uploaded. There are data sovereignty and security regulations in some countries that prohibit data from being transmitted to the cloud. ThingWorx enables computing to happen in the cloud or on the edge as needed.

Modeling tools for creating digital things

Particularly for complex, industrial machinery, there are multiple layers of interconnected systems working together—think of a connected car: thousands of parts, each capable of collecting multiple unique types of information. ThingWorx offers the ability to create digital “things” that flexibly correspond to individual sensors, as well as parent “things” that represent systems of systems. The result is a robust, digital portrait that provides a full view into how physical things are operating and interacting with their environment. Why are these digital representations so important? Because they enable much better visibility into products, including preventative maintenance, remote diagnostics service, automation, and design improvements.

Developers can rapidly create customized user apps

While some smart connected products have very basic connectivity requirements, and require minimal user interactions, much of the Internet of Things intersects with the traditional internet of users. Developers can take connected devices and data, and quickly assemble dashboards and user apps with a powerful mashup builder. These apps can be iterated and evolved on the fly, and customized based on user and group roles.

ThingWorx offers powerful controls over data

The customized app development goes a long way to provide filtered data privacy, but data resources don’t end there. Many platforms only enable the collection of data, while ThingWorx facilitates bi-directional data out-of-the-box, enabling remote service, and automated software patch delivery. ThingWorx also delivers Machine Learning, which extends value of IoT infrastructure with predictive analytics. Because the ThingWorx platform was built from the ground up with security in mind, developers have more options to tightly integrate security. For more information on ThingWorx security, download the white paper.

IoT platforms need to be future-proof

While nothing is certain in the technology space, industrial manufacturers need to make smart bets when investing in the IoT. Because you can’t anticipate trends and innovation, the best approach is to rely on scalability and extensibility. The ThingWorx framework offers tools for scaling, and its extensible framework allows nearly every aspect to be customized as needed. Applications and data sources can be introduced, and SDKs provide a near limitless range of innovation.


There’s isn’t a magic IoT platform that will solve for every solution. It’s critical that tech leaders communicate with their business function counterparts to understand what the real business objectives are that the IoT will enable. From there, it’s the responsibility of tech leaders, IT, and developers to vet and test platforms. While this is hardly a complete list, this blog post does enumerate some of the critical areas of IoT platforms that separate ThingWorx from the competition. Those tasked with finding an IoT platform are encouraged to vet these claims and put all recommended products under the microscope. One of the fastest ways to do that with ThingWorx is through our Developer Zone and IoT QuickStart kits.

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