Mobile Leader’s ThingWorx-based IoT Solution

December 3, 2015

Elisa, the market leader in mobile and fixed broadband subscriptions in Finland, recently deployed ThingWorx technology as the core element to their new IoT solution for more than 2 million customers in Finland and Estonia.

“Elisa prides itself on being a forward thinking company,” said Timo Katajisto, executive vice president, Corporate Customers, Elisa, said at the time of the announcement.  “The ThingWorx platform technology will enable complete, innovative, end-to-end solutions for Elisa customers in addition to providing an easy entry point for companies that want to realize the full value of adding connectivity to their product and service offerings.”

Using their own data centers, Elisa is relying on the ThingWorx platform to quickly and seamlessly connect and interface remote devices, people, business systems and “things” to offer the most comprehensive IoT solution possible. The new Elisa offering ranges from device management to data analytics and product development.

Elisa customers can get up to speed and access a powerful, scalable solution that meets their configuration needs – all within a small window of time.  In addition, their IoT solution is superior to the competition, as noted by Markku Hollström, Vice President at Elisa. “We have a fantastic competitive edge over them. Our approach with our IoT model is that you can have all your devices connected to one single solution. We can give you an environment within 48 hours of purchasing and we do have capabilities with this solution to create a lot of things,” he said.

Download the full customer case study to learn more about how Elisa is using ThingWorx to exceed the expectations of their IoT customers.