Learn the Foundational Elements of an IoT Solution

April 15, 2016

The phrase “IoT solution” can mean many things to many people. An IoT solution has different variables if viewed from a business use case perspective rather than from a technology implementation perspective. A new resource is available specifically for technologists who are interested in learning more about the technology elements of an IoT solution called Foundational Elements of an IoT Solution: The Edge, The Cloud, and Application Development.

Get insight into the concepts, components, and design patterns for IoT solutions in a this new ebook from trusted media outlet O’Reilly Media and ThingWorx. Co-authored by Joe Biron, SVP of ThingWorx Technology, this guide presents real-world tools that are in use in the IoT today, as well as details about common solution patterns like smart connected products, smart connected operations, and new and innovative experiences.

The book’s four chapters include:

  • Solution Patterns for the IoT – a mental framework to think about an IoT solution.
  • The Edge of the IoT –  how to connect, secure, and interact with things from the cloud.
  • The Cloud –key technologies, design goals, and integration aspect in relation to the IoT.
  • IoT Applications – ways to get apps to market as quickly and effectively as possible.

White Paper Cover: O'Reilly Elements of an IoT SolutionAs noted in the book: “If you don’t quite know where to start with the IoT, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is for those who have heard both the grand promise and the skeptical inquiries and nevertheless want to get their boots on the ground. The guide introduces you to the high level concepts, components, and patterns for any type of IoT solution. It will help you to understand the technology and architecture, so that you, the technologist, can dispel misconceptions within your organization and assess the opportunities for the IoT to advance your business. The potential of the IoT may well be limitless—but in order to get to that promise, we need to get started.”

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