How to Compete in a Changing IoT Environment

December 15, 2016

Because of its scale and complexity, it might seem that the quickly changing Internet of Things (IoT) landscape can only be navigated by large enterprises, with the resources to build their own tools and develop their own analytics.

But application enablement platforms (AEPs) and analytics packages enable smaller competitors with specific industry knowledge to compete effectively, particularly when AEP and analytics are combined in an integrated one-stop shop platform, like the ThingWorx IoT platform.

An AEP + Analytics platform enables these players, including value added resellers (VARs), systems integrators (SIs), and OEMs, as well as enterprises concerned with existing investments, to focus on their domain knowledge and the specific needs of their customers – the area where they have the biggest competitive advantage –  rather than on developing the tools they need to do their work.

Such a one-stop-shop platform allows for solutions that scale, easy management of user permissions, built-in security, and upgrade capabilities, since the market will change continually.


VARs customize and combine a broad range of vendor products into an industry-specific solution. IoT VARS will rely on a platform to support them so that they can use their domain expertise and their long-term business relationships to serve industry partners.


SIs have deep industry knowledge and will be expected to present their clients with guidance in IoT adoption, whether for real-time data or simply for improved operations—Operational Technology (OT) will grow significantly as a direct SI client. SIs have the mix of industry knowledge and technical skills their clients need, and those clients will expect to rely on that same guidance in their IoT implementations.


Hardware vendors spend over 70 percent of their development effort on embedded software. Prices and margins on the hardware itself are dropping. As a result, device and hardware vendors are moving to recurring revenue business models that use the IoT as their basis.

The transition to selling value rather than hardware is hard enough to make on your own, without also dealing with the technical challenges of the IoT. An AEP + Analytics platform provides the underlying support that allows the vendor to focus on developing a value-selling model, as well as upgrading and connecting previously deployed hardware assets.

Existing Enterprise Investments

It’s not only the smaller, more industry-specific players that benefit from an AEP + Analytics platform. Enterprises need to focus on their core competencies—and a platform can provide the support they require.

To learn more about how an IoT platform integrated with analytics can help your business compete in your industry vertical, download Automating and Democratizing Cutting Edge Analytics from ABI Research.

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