Common Vision Different Paths

July 5, 2011

Sometimes in life things just come together. I have been talking to anyone who would listen about how collaboration, real-time interaction, and intelligent device connectivity is going to radically impact a broad set of market segments. But it had to be more than just talk, more than just a vision, and it was. With the great team at Palantiri Systems we set out to methodically create a solution that addressed the “4 C’s” of business collaboration: Community, Connectivity, Context, and Content. As with any startup, we needed to bite things off in small, manageable chunks and chose a path that had us focusing on the first two Cs of community and connectivity. With some innovative, patented technology in those areas we had some great success with our AlwaysOn™ solution but we knew that there was much work ahead and some seemingly intractable problems that needed to be solved on the other two Cs. Enter ThingWorx™.

It was clear from our very first meeting with the ThingWorx team that we shared a common vision. Like two kindred spirits we were immediately speaking the same language and sharing a passionate belief regarding “doing things that matter”. More importantly, ThingWorx was taking a completely different technology path to address that common vision. Remarkably, their ThingWorx platform, with its model driven development environment, SQUEAL tool for harnessing collective intelligence, and the Mashup Builder for app development addressed the final two C’s, context and content, that Palantiri Systems had not yet addressed. This is an incredibly rare occurrence; two companies with a shared vision but completely complementary technologies with almost no overlap at all.

Taken alone, combining the two companies to create a single solution that addresses the full 4 C’s of business collaboration was a no-brainer – as clear a case of 1+1=3. But there is more to a successful business than just great technology. Understanding the needs of your customers to ensure you are delivering solutions that truly add value is also critical. This understanding comes from domain knowledge gained through years of experience. It is in this area that the combination of ThingWorx and Palantiri Systems will have the most impact. With the Palantiri team’s long history in the OEM and M2M space and ThingWorx’s proven success in the manufacturing/production/utilities/energy arena, we are able to address both the equipment provider and end user needs with a single platform – something no one else has been able to do.

Needless to say, we are incredibly excited to become part of the ThingWorx team. The future is so bright. Our common vision and shared passion will undoubtedly enable us to do big things.