Find Your Company’s Role in the Smart, Connected World

March 24, 2016

First rule: Don’t ask “What can we do using IoT?”

Instead ask: “What is the best way to solve the specific problem we face?” Then consider IoT as part of your solution portfolio, since IoT is a powerful tool for solving a wide range of problems.

Most companies that have become significant IoT players approached things in just this way. Deep knowledge of your own business is the major determining criterion for successful IoT implementation.

That said, what’s the best way to ensure the IoT is part of your portfolio of possible solutions? How do you know to choose it when it is appropriate, and turn to something else when it isn’t the best choice?

No matter what your business, ChainLink Research’s white paper, The IoT Impact: Finding Your Company’s Role in the New Smart Connected World, will give you a set of clear rules that clarify the business choices you’ll need to make.

Among things you’ll learn:

  • How to move beyond purely technical issues to questions of pricing, staffing, process, growth planning, privacy, and data ownership. There is usually more than one technically effective solution. Which one is the best choice for your business?
  • How to find value in what is now internal-data, trapped in various devices and locations. When is it worthwhile to invest in tapping into this data?
  • How to think about moving from selling products to selling service contracts to selling outcomes. Where on this continuum makes sense for your business?
  • How to regard your business as a platform. How can you ensure that partners and others in the market integrate with what you offer?
  • How to decide how open your solution should be. How big a part of the domain do you want to try to own?

The white paper also includes a number of case studies, from fields as varied as public trash barrels, building management, and trucking, providing examples of the principles presented.

Make sure you understand the IoT within the context of wider business decisions. Download The IoT Impact: Finding Your Company’s Role in the New Smart Connected World from ChainLink Research.