Announcing Developer Zone & IoT QuickStarts

September 22, 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot buzzword these days. Everyone wants a piece of the IoT pie, and we can’t blame them. A recent study by Visionmobile says that IoT will include 4.5 million developers by 2020 and McKinsey & Company notes that IoT will have an $11 trillion economic impact in 2025. As these number attest, IoT isn’t just a fad; it’s a transformational shift in technology and business that is happening right now – with far-reaching impact into the future.

So what does that mean for your current app development and device connectivity? How can you get and stay up to speed? The good news is that development for IoT doesn’t have to take years, or even months. You can quickly add value to your company’s IoT efforts using the new ThingWorx Developer Zone and IoT QuickStarts, with tools that get you IoT-ready 10x faster.

At ThingWorx, we’ve created a technology platform that truly enables rapid development of IoT-ready applications. Build your app and connect your device to the cloud; all in a single platform.

Log in to the ThingWorx Developer Zone to learn about the completely updated experience for IoT app development. We have re-imagined what is needed to jumpstart your apps for the Internet of Things and to test-drive the latest features of the ThingWorx Platform.

Get ahead of the curve and get started with the ThingWorx Developer Zone today!