Achieving Success with IoT Services

October 28, 2015

The need to develop and emphasize value-added IoT services for customers is a classic struggle, especially for companies who have traditionally focused on products. The rapid advancement of IoT technology and of customer expectations means that the marketplace can feel like a game of survival of the fittest. Broadening your scope from a product focus to a services focus can be tricky waters to navigate even outside of the IoT.

David G. Sherburne, Director of Smart Link (IoT) and Engineering Applications Development at Carestream Health, knows the pressure of achieving success with IoT services. Carestream Health is a global organization that supplies products and services to medical and dental and non-destructive testing industries. As he outlines in our recent webinar, the focus on leveraging data helped to guide the steps needed to create an efficient and effective IoT model, as was assessing the impact of mobile connectivity and sharing.

It is a trend that is seen across the industry: IoT data streams are creating opportunistic awareness of apps and services available to customers, and access to data assists them in consuming those services more effectively. For Sherburne and his team, a major shift occurred with process evolution and moving from processes designed for transactions and sales. As he describes, the process was “functional silos punctuated by customer requests. The emphasis was placed on processes designed for flow and customer interaction and the development of a consumption model. This affected every step, from new order to cash processing and the supporting product technology. What needed to change in order to succeed was:

  • Project governance.
  • Process re-engineering and blend into a single effort and project.
  • Focus on the data needed for the process, proactive/predictive service, and remote service resolution.
  • Provide strategic IT in support of customers’ regular access to consumptive information.
  • Engineering needed to focus on service.
  • Re-evaluation of infrastructure – Replace old platforms with flexible platforms to connect equipment reliably, handle transactions, and control master data.

As a result of this laser focus on a shift to IoT services, Carestream has seen a tremendous benefit and a big increase in customer satisfaction. Learn more by viewing the full webinar.

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